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Precise, protocol-driven, and perpetual support to advance you into your future in diagnostic ultrasound.  Hand-to-hand training in Point of Care, Echocardiography, Vascular, Abdominal, and OB/Gyn Ultrasound in micro-classes no larger than four.


Everyone in our field measures each other by 3 levels of effective clinical service: those who know what to do and how to do it, those who understanding the why behind it, and—ultimately—the few who know precisely how to contribute and communicate to the entire Team with authority.  It takes a lifetime to develop but it all starts here and now—and we’ll continue with you forever.


Our Learners include clinical professionals from all sectors of the healthcare field, and whose experience ranges from scant to graduate-level.   Our vast and deep reach into the Field all turn around You and your unique goals and style.


We’re passionate about your future:  Our mission is more than just what you’ll do next in your career; it’s to help grow you into the Clinician you’ll next become.  Join us….

courtesy in ultrasound training
Your Amazing Future in Ultrasound Service to So ManyYou wouldn't have been given the interest if the path was blocked. Already, the field is shifting more to what you know rather than where you learned it. Decades ago we were among the first to teach and lead those who would become your professors' professors. Depending on your present place we might or might not be the best fit for you today, but whenever you're ready to build on your clinical skills, we're ready to escort you into your Next Level.

And we're uniquely qualified to do it.

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UPCOMING ULTRASOUND COURSESHands On Ultrasound Training. Intensive 4-5 Day or Weekend Ultrasound Training Courses. Ultrasound Training for all Medical
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From Our Blog
I became more familiar with how the ultrasound machine functions and how to take basic fetal anatomy measurements. I have accomplished about 50% of my goal. Now I plan to start scanning with our own ultrasonographer to become more comfortable with ultrasound evaluation.Martha G. Advanced Nurse Practitioner
I learned more of the ‘art’ of doing a scan. I’ve accomplished about 50% of all my career goals so far. Now, it’s time to go home and work on that other 50%!Shelly G.
Now I know ultrasound knobology. I’m more familiar now and comfortable with (the) principles and protocols of ultrasound. This is at least 60% of my practice goals in OB ultrasound.Felix I. M.D.
I became more comfortable with abdominal ultrasound technique. I’m already about 60% of the way to where I want to be on this road.Roselie B.
This experience got me much better at (fetal) brain anatomy. It got me to 50% of my long term confidence goals.Michelle B. M.D.
Thank you for resurrecting my love for Echo from 18 years of lying dormant! You taught me a great deal AND kept it fun. You are all intelligent beyond!Kelly J. R.D.M.S., R.V.T.,
I enjoyed the course so much. Excellent experience.
I love the way that Keith approached different subjects.
I would recommend this course to all.
Ashraf F. M.D.
Thanks for all your help.
This should help me pass my test.
Hilary P
Thank you for putting Vascular into perspective with my Echo knowledge & sharing possible future opportunities as they relate to ultrasound-guided procedures.Tricia R.
Simply the Best!
Love the analogies- medical music to my ears!
Hugs… Yes, Hugs!
Tamara M. R.D.M.S.
You have such a unique way of teaching! I appreciate you all for helping me look at the world in a different way. Always-Robin W.A. R.D.M.S.
I had been taught some of his before, but it never stuck.
It seems so easy now.
Teri S
In my world of seeking ‘what matters’ I am blessed to have befriended KMA. It is here that I was asked, “Are you getting enough?”, and reminded “Things Change”.
I now realize my need for’ balance’. Thank you all: My knowledge ‘in’ will be used well… for knowledge ‘out’.
All my best-
Shelly G.
Thank you, Dr. Keith for this amazing and entertaining course.
This is the best course I have (had) in my life.
aa O. M.D.
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