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About Us & Our Hands-on Ultrasound Training Classes approach.

We don't want you to just enroll; we want you to succeed.

This isn’t just continuing medical education: it’s career-changing hands-on ultrasound training that will flex your trajectory upward and move you to new opportunities in service to others.

Forty years of experience teaching in the classroom and fifty at the bedside have taught us how to reach and teach you.  Science doesn’t have to be boring and clinical practice doesn’t survive and thrive on rote memory and shortcuts.

Read Keith’s background if you’re inclined.  He built our Approach based on the same pillars of service as Fortune 100 companies, only tailored to the ultimate delivery of care to the patient.  In brief, they’re:

    • Safety, for you, while you’re with us, and for your patients when you return.
    • Courtesy, to treat you with deference and respect, always.
    • Show, a term to represent the multisensory learning experience we have planned for you.
    • Efficiency, cutting straight to the exam protocols and working backward from there to build in record time the lifelong skills you need and the bedside approach that will get you started.

We believe in and respect all learning.  We compete only with ourselves.

We know that no short term experience can impart the months of practice required for confidence.  But we know how to separate good science from bad science, and we’re passionate about and uniquely qualified to escort you to your Next Level.

Whether you’re an accomplished academic or your clinical experience hasn’t included ultrasound, we’ve got the tools to connect you with the What and the Why behind it all.  We’ll lay the foundation on which you’ll stand and grow for a lifetime.

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