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Keith Mauney | Introducing Our Founder and Your Principal Instructor


To this day he’s always had a passion for learning.  But even as a lifelong student of people and science, Health Care called to him as a surprise.  Leaving traditional college studies, he entered nursing in 1972 for the twofold challenge it offered, taking first steps on a path that has taken him before over a hundred thousand medical professionals worldwide.

If you work in ultrasound, he has already had a hand in shaping your career.

From school he joined acute coronary care at a time and place where the concept was new and cutting-edge, working with some of the finest minds in the Carolinas at the most advanced facility in the South.  Soon he was recruited to join the Team whose legacy it already was to invent the heart-lung bypass machine. Echocardiography was A-mode, Doppler was a dream and Dr. Feigenbaum’s venerable text was just published in its first edition.

In a few years, he was recruited to open what would become the nation’s second stroke interdiction clinic, using the first-ever engineered ultrasound system to image the carotid artery. 

Joining with research engineers from Bell Laboratories, he became immersed in vascular imaging years before medicine widely discovered it. 

Several years later he was drawn to Dallas, Texas, and U.T. Southwestern Medical School.  He joined the Surgery Faculty and opened the Clinical Vascular Laboratory, bringing the first vascular ultrasound imaging technology to the school to conduct research into stroke and peripheral vascular disease. 

It was there in 1981 that he built the KMA Ultrasound Training Institute as an outreach program to canonize and share best practices with the world.  Branches were built in association with Tuft’s University, University of Chicago, and the University of California Los Angeles.  This multi-site program led to the offer to create of one of the nation’s first ultrasound schools—an opportunity he declined in favor of a different, more pragmatic approach to teaching. 

By 1987 the Institute was independent of both commercial and institutional influence and had begun independent partnering with every major manufacturer in the technology field. He drew in the best and most brilliant minds the field had to offer to further the mission of fast-track ultrasound training with an intensely practical clinical approach.

His unique style of thinking and teaching quickly caught on in medicine and other areas of the field as well.  President George W. Bush sought him out in 1989 for advice at the start of the vascular certitude movement, and two years later he returned to Washington to join colleagues to advise the U.S. Congress on guidelines for cardiology care.

His love is for patients and his peers in health care.  His name is known on seven continents: from the Himalayas to the Hawaiian Islands, from one Arctic Circle to the other, sharing among over 45,000 learners in every area of specialty.  He has delivered lectures and led discussions in rooms at the least known rural facilities to the halls of Harvard Medical School.  Clinics in Third World countries have his Institute’s course materials on their shelves and their staffs still check in with him for questions.

Yet none of these matters as you enter his classroom.  To him and his Team, you are the most important person on earth to enter the field and he’s deeply privileged to meet you and explore it all with you.  In him, you will find an instant and lifelong friend, who not only knows what you need to grow and prosper but who genuinely wants to take you there. 

He is probably the only professor you will ever meet who will give you his direct cell phone number for you to get answers to your questions post-class forever.

When not exploring new learning with others, Keith values precious time with his wife and family.  He is also passionate about the arts, ideas, and the Church. On his library shelf, you’ll find books on every subject imaginable and he’ll delight in sharing with you his discoveries from every one of them.  His favorite city is London, a favorite retreat Napa Wine Country, and his favorite entertainment is listening to others, like You




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