How To See With Ultrasound: A Blog Series for All Medical Imaging Professionals

The Brain: Conceived, Born, and Jailed Forever in Total Darkness

The Brain is born in darkness, lives its entire life (with scant exception) in darkness, and dies in blackest darkness.  Everything it sees, hears, tastes, feels or smells is conveyed to it by an inanimate, unfeeling, indifferent something else.  It is left to its own devices to accept, deny, set aside or admit.  It’s been given primordial programming for instinctive survival, but little to nothing else.

All successive learning, all successive decisions stand somehow on the shoulders of those constructed from before… in total darkness.

What, then, to believe?   In the entirety of medical imaging, we all have to see the same thing, so everyone has to learn how to see.

Beginning here, we’ll publish some of the very best illusory images that will challenge how we see, reveal what we think, and hopefully create a tiny molecule of self-doubt in our own infallibility as clinicians and everyday humans.

We hope you’ll enjoy the ride.  It’s a trip every one of us in our field absolutely must take.

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