Ultrasound Imaging Professionals Must Have a Powerful Sense of Conspicuity: Now, See If You’ve Still Got It… What’s Wrong with This Picture?

The ultimate goal of human science is to reduce observations to numbers and then look for patterns. Then we look for abnormal patterns inside the patterns, and then we look further for abnormal patterns buried deeper within the—

Stop the madness, those of you mathematically obsessed.  Fractals make for great wrapping paper patterns and even fashion fabrics, but as best we can tell, God still does not play dice….

Relax and come along for the ride.  You’re about to become an even better benevolent professional.

The latest mental sharpening stone in our pursuit of the proper mental paradigm—the algorithm—to uncover the outlier-in-the-image is right here before us now.  As you begin your hunt, start the clock and see how fast you arrive at the answer.  Find it in less than a day and you’re ahead of the rest of us.

Once again: When you found the one thing that’s wrong, just post that you found it.  And why not share how fast you found it, you Brilliant Observer, you.  We’ll post the answer soon so you can reward yourself for your job well done.

Ready?  Start the stopwatch (or the calendar): What’s wrong with this image?

Your patients, your clients, your colleagues, family & friends and You are already benefitting from your time spent here.

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