What to expect after class

What to Expect After Class…

When do we finish?

Each class has its own official adjournment time (typically 3 pm on the final day).  Check the specific course information for it.  If you have to leave earlier to catch your flight, just let us know so we can plan for it.


How far is the airport?

Both Dallas-Fort Worth International and Dallas Love Field airports are about 20 minutes away.  Security is incredibly efficient, and you’ll be able to check your bags, pass through, and check in at your gate on time by leaving at least 90 minutes before your flight departure.  Shuttle service must be prearranged; taxi and Uber service is available within about 15 minutes of your call.


I’m anxious about returning and starting on my own.

That’s because you’re a responsible person.  You’ll have in your head and in your notes all the skills you need to start your independent practice alongside the watchful eyes of others.  And you won’t mind their looking, because you’ll be performing at an incredibly higher level.  But you’re not alone: we’ll stay in close contact with you in perpetuity.  

You’ll be leaving with Keith Mauney’s direct cell phone number to text him directly (forever) with any question or challenge.  Likewise, our Team also stands with you at a distance.  We’d recommend that you keep your course notebook and notes with you to look over on the flight back home.  It’ll keep the knowledge a little fresher; because when you get home you’re going to be busy with a lot of other routines.


Are there any resources you recommend or provide?

In class, we’ll have prescribed a number of traditional and nontraditional readings and texts to ensure your quick and lasting success.  And though you’ll have unlimited long-distance access to us forever (for free), we’re available to come on-site, face-to-face to continue your learning, and/or bring your Staff up to a higher level.

Over the coming years, you might find yourself recruiting more staff or even relocating elsewhere.   If so, just let us know.  We see a parade of opportunities for you and persons looking to join your Team.  


You’re going to return home much different than when you came.  You’ll find you’ve made with us a new group of lifelong friends who’ll stand with you for the rest of your career. 





Got a Question?

Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will contact you. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.