Emergency & POC Hands-On Ultrasound for Physicians, Hospitalists and Nurses and Paramedics

Comprehensive hands-on ultrasound protocols and techniques to master ultrasound scanning for POC bedside ultrasound.

Put Real-Time Emergency Ultrasound Information in Your Own Hands

Gain authority with the instrument as you apply it to the complete protocols for emergency and critical care ultrasound.  Learn and practice the best technique for ultrasound-guided vascular access. Hands-on-intensive ultrasound tutorials with lectures and one-on-one discussion to build your complete protocol to acquire and analyze all images.  For all specialties and experience levels.  24-hour Scan Lab. 

The most in-depth introduction to bedside ultrasound possible. Requested by the Attending Faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic, this course goes deeper than just a protocol all in a weekend.  Clear your understanding of ultrasound-guided vascular access.  It all serves as the platform for your further competence in any clinical application. This is a very pleasant and practical, low-pressure approach to the complex science of acoustic and electronic engineering physics principles underlying bedside ultrasound.  It cuts through the clutter and theory to make clear sense of all controls, principles, and findings. 

Our focus is on the protocols and proper system controls for all current bedside applications.  We start at the bedside in the first hour and continue throughout the course.  After hours the Scan Lab is open for your optional self-guided practice of technique and machine controls on yourself or your peers from class.  You can even bring your own equipment to fine-tune your own use of it.emergency/

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