Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Imaging and Doppler: Adult Echocardiography

Comprehensive hands-on ultrasound protocols and techniques to master ultrasound scanning for cardiac Sonographers and echocardiographer.

The Most Effective Week of Echocardiography Training You'll Ever Invest In....

Among the highest-paid professionals in medicine, considering the time expended in work, are Cardiovascular Sonographers. Step up-to and over every obstacle to this incredible opportunity for you to serve others and enjoy all the rewards that can come from it.
Five days together will change your trajectory forever.

In the first hour, we’ll begin the complete bedside echo protocol and explain in the clearest of terms the why behind each step. Over forty years of experience in cardiology, engineering, and teaching stand with you: both in Class and in Perpetuity.

Our approach has shortened the learning curve and forever deepened the contribution of tens of thousands of clinical teams across the world.


Day 1   You master the Parasternal Long and Short Axis views and make precision measurements of every structure.  You’ll learn the fastest way to evaluate wall motion, a process that will take months off your mastery curve.

Day 2    You learn the difference between LV and RV structure and function and define each segment and its coronary blood supply.   We’ll assess the valves with color and spectral Doppler, applying all measurements.

Midweek   Apical views, with a focus on all chambers’ size, function, and potential clot/mass.  Simpson’s and TDI methods of LV & RV function.    Complete Doppler acquisition protocol in 4-, 5-, 2, and 3-chamber views.   Subcostal and suprasternal approaches and the clinical findings to complement the transthoracic views.  

Day 4   Execution of the full protocol.  Emphasis on systematic inspection of pericardial and effusion and their clinical significance.    

Day 5  Continued practice of the full protocol.  The technique for the earliest detection of acute renal failure.  in all settings of heart failure.  Application of all learning through case study discussion.

Throughout the week, the on-site Scan Lab stays open around the clock for your independent practice, on yourself or class peers.  Every step, every protocol, every concept, and more is laid out and explained in greater detail in your 200-page course notebook, the information you’ll refer to forever.  When you return home, you’ll have our personal support in perpetuity for free.

Who Will Benefit

This echo training gives professionals from all specialties the skills to broaden and deepen their talents and open doors to lifelong opportunities.  These include Radiography and Respiratory Therapy Technologists, Traditional and Advanced-Practice Nurses, PA’s, and Paramedics.  Foreign Physicians who find it impractical to re-board in the USA or Canada have found this a valuable path to expressing their expertise.
This Course will not confer the requisite 12 months of clinical experience required to apply for credentialing,  but it will give you a particular edge at the start, when your potential Director says, “Now let me see you scan….
[Echocardiograper Credentialing]

This echo training is far deeper than your Residency ultrasound training.  A targeted pre-op cardiac ultrasound survey by your own hands can powerfully influence your approach to your intra-operative management.  And in the PACU, you and your Nursing Team will take ever-demanding cardiopulmonary care to its highest and most efficient outcome metrics.  POC Ultrasound has come full circle with targeted-exam reimbursement and low-cost, high-performance pocket ultrasound.  Prepare everyone fully for the POC Ultrasound Credentialing Academy’s pathways. 

Targeted/Limited Echocardiography training lies in your future and is already a component of the Point of Care Ultrasound Credentialing Academy paths, linked to reimbursement.  High-performance Pocket Imaging/Doppler instruments available now at reasonable cost have opened the door to help you deepen and expedite your patient care decisions in triage and surveillance.

No one in the field of medicine today has the depth and breadth of experience with ultrasound training for the Medical Device Industry as us.  Over many years we’ve worked closely with nearly all ultrasound device manufacturers to steer and refine their products for clinical focus.  We’ve also consulted with some of the largest Research Center on earth to help structure their work.  As a Research Scientist, you’ll be able to identify and measure virtually any element of cardiovascular function.  If you’re a Medical Device Professional- whether in-house or in the field, you’ll be better able to build, market, and sell your instrument with a unique competitive edge in the Service of many.

This echo training is far deeper than the training you got in Residency.  You’ll be able to evaluate immediately right and left heart function and make critical decisions long before the echo report arrives.  You’ll command the qualitative and objective measures of critical vs. suppressed LV function, RV enlargement, CVP, tamponade, and pulmonary hypertension quickly and confidently as soon as you return.  You’ll be ready to get credentialed for reimbursement through the Point of Care Ultrasound Credentialing Agency

Students and Graduates of formal General Ultrasound programs will find far more job opportunities with echocardiography training on your resume.  Many of our colleagues in this Class undertake it to build their foundation and/or expand upon it.  Regardless of prior experience, we’ll be able to take you farther and deeper to prepare you for your future practice and credentialing.  Your investment will pay out substantially when your potential Director says, “Let me see you scan.

Veterinary echocardiography training runs on the same rails as humans and the low-cost/high-performance equipment now in the marketplace allows you to leverage both to enhance your Practice.  This Class is the shortest and most effective path to your goal and our post-Class support ensures your future confidence and competence.  Your credentialing by the POC Ultrasound Certification Academy (for humans) will enhance the depth of your care and the value of your Practice.

Are You New to Health Care?

Our hands-on ultrasound training focus is to take the practicing clinician and escort her or him to vastly greater hands-on ultrasound protocol and analysis skills in record time.
If you’re entering healthcare for the first time, you should consider your long-term goals and opportunities. 
In North America, you can apply to any of hundreds of accredited schools (18+ months duration) and upon graduation immediately undertake your formal credentialing exam.
You’ll find the US Government’s most authoritative and current overview of the ultrasound career field here.

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