What to Expect During Class

Above all else, expect to enjoy it with us.

What am I going to learn?

We want you to learn the step-by-step protocol and also the “Why” behind each piece of it.  It’s likely you already have some experience in at least some part (or even all) of the process, and if so, we’ll be able to confirm, expand, and perhaps help you to decide whether to change anything you’re already doing.  In addition to the science of it all, you’ll also be surrounded by a very positive atmosphere which might give you personal and professional skills you haven’t been exposed to–the intangible life skills that will help you grow as a professional even more.   


How am I going to learn it?

The only thing we ask of you is to submit yourself to the learning opportunity.  We’ll set the stage for your entire class in the first hour, then build entire protocols, step-by-step both on the whiteboard and at the bedside.  We’ll take each part of the exam and discuss what’s normal vs. abnormal about it, and how each piece fits together in the big picture.  We’ll spend about two-thirds or more of our total time in the Scan Lab but we’ll also hold discussion/lecture sessions throughout the class to reinforce and expand on your bedside learning.  And you’re also going to receive a notebook with your own personal printed reference materials to learn even deeper and review for the rest of your career.


What if I don’t understand it?

We’ve worked with tens of thousands of adults over four decades; very few ever understood it immediately, either.  Our proprietary method makes certain we present the information in an engaging understandable way while slowly elevating each learner’s understanding throughout the class.  We use a combination of facts, images, and analogies throughout and we make certain every key point is presented at least three times throughout the class.  We keep the atmosphere calm, fun, and low-key so you’ll never feel insulted or intimated.  You’ll constantly be asked, “Can you appreciate that?” so you and we can build on top of each learning step.  Most of us experience some level of anxiety at different points, but know that our Team is going to help you get as comfortable, confident–and competent as we can.


What if I still don’t understand it?

As unlikely as that might be, it’s still possible you feel like you’re not yet in the mastery of all you feel you should be.  We’ll do everything we can from our side to help you work through, including enlisting your class peers to assist as appropriate.  We’re masters at programming, explaining, and leading your learning experience.  And we don’t give up, because neither do you.


I’m uncomfortable learning in a group…

So are most adults.  That’s why we’ve developed a very effective way to overcome the self-awareness and anxiety that always comes to each of us as we move outside our familiar zone.  We’ll keep the setting comfortable; all you have to do is keep at it.  We’ve worked with over 1000,000 colleagues–and we haven’t met a one who couldn’t do this. You won’t just be alongside new friends… you’re going to be among new family.

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