Vascular Ultrasound | The Ultrasound Course for Wound Care Management


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We all have a lot of competition for our services.  You need our hands-on vascular ultrasound training course now more than ever.  

Our fast-track hands-on vascular ultrasound course will change the entire perspective on your would care practice... and it won’t waste a minute of your time.  Vascular ultrasound in wound care is usually an outsourced service.  We just feel that it should be a ready tool, to frame up and follow up patient care on both sides of the capillary.  It’s about more than just another procedure to manage; it’s about getting immediate answers to immediate questions.  And as the U.S. payer system moves closer to an outpatient DRG model, your time is going to be the new currency.

Whether they know it or not, Administration's management of your service and your team revolves around just two facts: 

1) Nutritive capillary blood flow is most affected by venous resistance, and venous ablation and valvuloplasty can positively affect it, and 2) Arterial inflow below a known critical threshold will trigger metarteriolar shunting, and clinical presentation is a very poor predictor of distal limb inflow pressure... and so is the ankle/brachial index.

Over four decades of research have substantiated the science and technology subtending evaluation of the microcirculation, and the protocols can be mastered and the results stratified instantly.  You can bring the same inexpensive technology, the same expertise, and the same clinical judgment into your own service.  

This time when you make your proposal to Administration, you can be assured you will have their complete attention.  The argument that credentialed professionals must perform all vascular ultrasound has functionally evaporated in light of the new national reimbursement model.  You can bring the same inexpensive technology, the same expertise, and the same clinical judgment into your own service and expedite the right care from the first encounter.  Your earned income, in this case, is now precious time saved, not just charges billed.

Come to class or let us come on site to work with you to quickly standardize and streamline your processes.