The Vascular Ultrasound Course for Podiatrists

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diabetic foot-sh.jpgWe have a lot of competition for our services; you've got a lot more.  You need this hands-on vascular ultrasound training course more than ever.

Backi In 1981, the American College of Podiatry put forth your position on the diabetic foot.  After a Meta analysis of the published data on distal limb healing, the recommendation was to obtain digit blood pressure data prior to any interventive procedure.  Key among the Committee participants was attorneys.  We were there.  

Our fast track hands-on ultrasound training courses have gone a long way to shape the field of vascular foot care in podiatry.

You can reach this Standard of Care with a simple referral or expedite the process by performing the test in your own office on the first visit.  Though you certainly don't need to invest the time and money into in-depth training with us, we'd like to help guide you to and through the process.  Don't come to class, you don't need to.  Instead, call on us any time and we'll provide you with the information and resources you need... for free.  





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"Thank you very much.  I was blind but now I see.  You are an excellent teacher.  And yes, I can see the cervix now.  Thanks again for all of your help. --Elizabeth Lamb"



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Classes Upcoming

Sonography | The Hands-On Abdominal Ultrasound Course 2017

Begin: 2017-08-23, 09:00
End: 2017-08-25, 16:00
Fees: $ 1500.00

The Emergency Ultrasound Course for ER Physicians, Hospitalists and Nurses 2017

Begin: 2017-09-09, 09:00
End: 2017-09-10, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Beginners' Ultrasound | Introduction to Hands-On Ultrasound for Everyone 2017

Begin: 2017-09-09, 09:00
End: 2017-09-10, 10:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Echocardiography | The Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Course 2017

Begin: 2017-09-11, 04:00
End: 2017-09-15, 10:00
Fees: $ 3500.00
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