The Vascular Ultrasound Course for Neurologists

Cerebrovascular ultrasound was founded in neurology:  Take advantage...

Vascular ultrasound course for neurologists.There's a lot more to cerebrovascular assessment than just the vessels.  When is the last time a sonographer listened for an ocular bruit?  Or the last time anyone looked at the retinal field of the patient referred for TIA?  We've always taken the neurological approach to cerebrovascular disease, ever since we opened the nation's second stroke interdiction clinic in 1978.

The end organ belongs to you, and the assessment of it's blood supply is ours.  Keith Mauney opened that center in 1978 and was among the first ever to see a carotid artery with ultrasound.  In 1983 at UT Southwestern Medical School he began work with the first transcranial Doppler ultrasound system in North America.  He'll tell you everything he's learned since.

This is a fast track hands-on ultrasound training courses teach hands-on and interpretive skills with an approach that understands the focus of the surgeon, the protocol of the radiologist, and the perspective of the neurologist.  You can't find it in as great a depth and as short a time anywhere else.

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"This is a wonderful course that has helped me immensely—“Now I’ve got it!”  Thanks a lot. --Terri Elder"



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