The Emergency Bedside POC Ultrasound Course for Emergency Physicians


Put real-time information in your hand.


Now that Medicare reimbursement for POC Echo has come, you need this hands-on emergency ultrasound training course now more than ever.  Search the web for Emergency Ultrasound Courses and you’ll find a dozen.  By the time you finish this, there'll be only one.  Our fast track hands-on ultrasound training courses will make you the very best because they'll get you much farther a lot faster. We introduced ultrasound to your professors a very long time ago.  Over forty years' experience and three decades of teaching have taught us how to best train you to move quickly, resolve questions instantly and execute precisely.  Our 24-hour scan lab will allow you to make the most of every minute.  And we'll stand by you with post-course support in perpetuity for free.

Put you and your Department even further ahead: get on-site hands-on ultrasound training without interrupting your workflow.  Relevant, practical training in instrumentation, protocols and pattern recognition and ultrasound-guided access. 

Join us in our Scan Lab or let us come on site for your entire Team.  Let us frame up a plan where you and the entire Staff can learn, buy-in and make emergency ultrasound training stick... and finally, save you time rather than steal it.