Echocardiography | The Cardiac Ultrasound Course for Chest Physicians

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We all have a lot of competition for our services;  You need this hands-on cardiac ultrasound training course now more than ever.  Achieve competence in Critical Care Ultrasound: Learn how to do it and how to apply a new, specialized line of thought.  We’ll launch your competence in both.  Our fast track hands-on ultrasound training courses will guarantee it.

In 2009 the ACCP drafted its own guidelines for competence in chest and vascular ultrasound.  We began our own course for them beginning in 1976.  Today our renowned fast track training program is available as a public course or private group tutorial to develop in you the hands-on and analytical skills to meet and exceed the performance criteria for critical care ultrasonography.

We take the 360-degree approach to this project, encompassing the science, engineering, practice, politics, and business aspects of the process.  You can get training anywhere, but you won’t reach this depth of practice as fast anywhere else.






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Classes Upcoming

Sonography | The Hands-On Breast Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-03-17, 09:00
End: 2018-03-17, 15:00
Fees: $ 600.00

The Emergency Ultrasound Course for ER Physicians, Hospitalists and Nurses 2018

Begin: 2018-04-14, 09:00
End: 2018-04-15, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Beginners' Ultrasound | Introduction to Hands-On Ultrasound for Everyone 2018

Begin: 2018-04-14, 09:00
End: 2018-04-15, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Echocardiography | The Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-04-16, 09:00
End: 2018-04-20, 15:00
Fees: $ 3500.00
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