Echocardiography | The Cardiac Ultrasound Course for Anesthesiologists & PACU Staff

Accelerated instruction... uncompromised content.


We all have a lot of competition for our services:  You need this hands-on cardiac ultrasound training course now more than ever.  

Today ultrasound is your greatest leverage in the pre- and post-induction assessment of your surgical patient.  Establish their clinical baseline better than ever with fast-track focused skills training with your hands on the probe.  Likewise the expert nurses in your PACU.  To this end, we can bring your entire Team up to speed in a weekend, for groups of any size.  No one anywhere has the breadth and length of multidisciplinary experience we bring to your side.

If you're involved in cardiac surgery the single biggest contribution we can likely make to you lies in the skills to perform pre-op or intraoperative echocardiography.  Medicare payment for intraoperative TEE monitoring is now approximately $820*. 

Our fast track hands-on cardiac ultrasound course approach is built around the transthoracic echocardiography approach, the identical principles, measurements, and mindset apply to TEE.   There’s more: transnasal caliber omnidirectional TEE is here as a market available product.  

Less than a week at your facility or ours will change your practice forever.