Sonography | The Ultrasound Course for Medical Sales Professionals


Leverage your future with the value of our rich past.


We have a lot of competition in our field; you've got a lot more.  You need our ultrasound training courses more than ever because we've got certain credibility that you can't buy... and really don't need to.

Everyone already knows your product by perception, so leave nothing to chance.  And never let yourself be defined by someone else.

Feelings get you in the door and keep you in the room, but the farther up the Pyramid you go the more you’re going to need numbers to back your story.   And remember: the higher you climb the more you’ll rely on the steady foundation you already built beneath.  With each step up you’ll increase the importance of communication by a factor of six-fold.  


Make certain you get every tool you’re going to need because you can’t afford to let your Applications people or your website do your talking for you.  It’s all about connecting at a genuine level, and everyone ’s constantly watching you and remembering and framing you.  Because after this sale, this Pyramid is going to turn upside down, and the lowest players will now be on the top

You know this better as The Warranty Period: It concludes--and starts again immediately--with what we call The Next-Sale Cycle.  And your relationship with Purchasing is only going to go so far.

Get to know us better, because we’ve been getting to know your customers for over forty years in ways that you cannot, from an approach you can't buy.   We don’t pretend we know them better than you, we just know them from a different perspective.

Let us help you help them, in ways both you and none other can.  With over forty years' experience behind us, our fast-track ultrasound training courses make the most of your clients' time, with focused support from cradle to grave, in the classroom and on their site.  When we started out there was one other resource like ours.  Now there are hundreds.  But professionals travel past them to us from all over the country and the world for a singular reason: we make it stick for life and we never leave them afterward.

You have many outsource resources; compare us to them all.  Talk to corporate; make us a part of your marketing support.  Then talk to us: the answer is already Yes.

We're independent so we don't cost you a penny and we won't step on your relationship.  We're very approachable: Contact Keith Mauney directly.