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Make the Right Call, Every Time.

engineer-sh.jpgWe all have a lot of competition for our services; You need VIP access to our hands-on ultrasound training courses now more than ever.  Surely you wonder what our fast track hands-on ultrasound training for clinicians has to offer you.  Read on...

The single most important factor affecting your customer’s perception of your Brand is service.  And though your product is engineered to run without failure for a decade, your end-user is not.   The phone rings with a problem: “It’s not working.”  So, is the problem your machine or your customer?  Perhaps you should be called the Bomb Squad because you’re going on the scene to defuse the issues, and bond the relationship like no one else can.

Field Service starts in-house, and when your Service Engineer and QA staff understand the product with the mindset of the Clinician, issues can be cut short before they go off.

Whether you staff your own or outsource from the field, your FSE’s represent your commitment to your Brand and your customers talk about you all the time.   What will they post about you?  Your people know how to tweak the product; make sure they know how to think like the person using it bedside.

We see Field Service as the ultimate face-time tool: everyone is grateful to see the Service Engineer, not always so, the salesperson.  The FSE doesn’t drop in and face the deadline to get out to catch another plane like Applications.  And the Field Engineer dresses like, talks like, and has a job more like your end users.  Put the best face on your best relationship builders.  Let us help them think like real-world clinicians... like your customers.

We've been there for a very long time:  Forty years in practice, thirty in teaching and twenty in specific instruction for Service Engineers for every major manufacturer in the field.  Our ultrasound training classes are a perfect place for total immersion, and our on-site tutorial training can instill weeks of competence in a single day.  We'll prescribe a program where you can bring all of your in-house and independent contractors up to your highest clinical standards in record time at a microscopic cost.

Don't let another customer relationship get away from you.  Talk to us; we know the business like no one else.