The Emergency Ultrasound Course for Physician Assistants

You know that technology changes ... and certain truths don't.



We have a lot of competition for our services here.  You have a lot more.  As sophisticated as the practice of your profession is, you're going to have to differentiate your skills ever further.  You need our hands-on ultrasound training classes now more than ever.

We don’t think Physician Assistants need to know all about how to do ultrasound.   But ultrasound is a sure extension of your PE skills and your future will flourish with its use.  Make yourself more valuable, to your patient and your doctor and save you all a lot of time.  Our fast track hands-on ultrasound courses won't waste a minute of your day.  And our 24-hour scan lab guarantees your evenings with us will be productive, too.

Though ultrasound involves a fundamental paradigm shift for your practice, the process to learn and use it is a straightforward as anything else.  The good news is that you just need a new exam protocol and a new way of seeing.  We can help you fast track both.

You’ll use this powerful tool to answer clinical questions better, on the spot.  No exotic calculations, not endless data gathering to issue a term-paper-like report.  Though you’ll never use it as a revenue generator, youwill find it to be a time saver.  And now that the U.S. has arrived at a DRG model for outpatient payment, your time and the leverage you provide will be more valuable than ever.

We offer public courses in Dallas and on-site tutorials in all applications to help take you to your proper next step.






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"I’m not as clueless as I thought!  Thanks for all the help.  “Never let the fetus defeat us!” --J Priest"



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The best way to predict your future is to make it.  With all the opportunity for your skills, moving upward is your best choice.  We'll help take you there, and stay with you for life.

Classes Upcoming

The Emergency Ultrasound Course for ER Physicians, Hospitalists and Nurses 2018

Begin: 2018-11-03, 09:00
End: 2018-11-04, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Beginners' Ultrasound | Introduction to Hands-On Ultrasound for Everyone 2018

Begin: 2018-11-03, 09:00
End: 2018-11-04, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Echocardiography | The Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-11-05, 09:00
End: 2018-11-09, 15:00
Fees: $ 3500.00

Sonography | The Hands-On Abdominal Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-11-14, 09:00
End: 2018-11-16, 15:00
Fees: $ 1500.00
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