Our Value Proposition for You

We’re the very best investment of ultrasound course training time and money for your employee




We’ll build on their knowledge by reaffirming it then expanding it.  We’ll guide them into a core skills set congruent with standard protocols so they’ll return ready to fit into your own.  We’ll build their confidence and correct their mistakes.

Our course content is congruent with all national standards.  Our class experience exceeds it.   We’ll return them to you ready to grow into the production you need.   We can’t implant in them the years of experience it takes to become expert, but we will shortcut months of learning to become independent, confident, and authoritative quickly.

The investment is well placed:

  •    -Direct flights from every large city in North America in the natin's most competitive-priced air market.

-No distractions from learning: no bikinis, speedos, beach bars, or parties.  Rather, a professional, safe, respectful setting for your employee’s professional development.

-The entire course held at our host hotel, with discounted rates.  It’s an all suite property, perfect for extended stay, complete with full kitchens and grocery shopping service.  And only fifteen minutes from the airport to our hotel’s front desk.

-Hands-on courses commit at least half of each day in our Hands-On Scan Lab and the Lab is open around the clock for independent practice.

-Course reference materials are in-depth and support your staff for years to come.

-Breakfast is complimentary every day; lunch is provided each day of the course.  There’s In-room dining and grocery delivery service at the hotel and restaurants next door.  

-Post conference support continues in perpetuity, for free.  

Compare us to our colleagues offering training.  Then contact us for answers to any concern or question you might have.  We’re passionate about your success and appreciative of the chance to serve you.  






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"A new way of looking at things.  The entire world can be described as a series of squiggly lines…. --John Simmonds, J. Aucer, MD’s"

Classes Upcoming

The Emergency Ultrasound Course for ER Physicians, Hospitalists and Nurses 2018

Begin: 2018-11-03, 09:00
End: 2018-11-04, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Beginners' Ultrasound | Introduction to Hands-On Ultrasound for Everyone 2018

Begin: 2018-11-03, 09:00
End: 2018-11-04, 15:00
Fees: $ 800.00

Echocardiography | The Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-11-05, 09:00
End: 2018-11-09, 15:00
Fees: $ 3500.00

Sonography | The Hands-On Abdominal Ultrasound Course 2018

Begin: 2018-11-14, 09:00
End: 2018-11-16, 15:00
Fees: $ 1500.00
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