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The Short Version:

We don't just want you to enroll in the Class; we want you to Succeed.

The Longer Version:

Four Points of Focus

First and foremost our focus is on your safety: in traveling, safety while you’re with us away from home, and safety in practice for the rest of your career.  Safety is built into every decision we make; it surrounds you on all sides.  And if we’re doing our job properly, there's no evidence that it's even being done at all.  Safety is consistency in content, surety of accuracy.  It is creating and maintaining a lifelong trust you can believe in.

Courtesy is the second of our four core values: it is our system of managing every possible aspect of your interaction with us as carefully as possible.  It's the framework beneath and behind every personality, every lecture, and every instruction, guide and plan, every time.  Courtesy is recognizing each person in light of-- and independent from-- his or her position or accomplishment.  It is respect for your learning style and pace.  It's about giving you everything we can to help you get to the opportunities you've come to reach. Courtesy respects your time; courtesy respects You.

The setting in which we work together is the third cornerstone: we call it Show, the multi-sensory environment you find yourself in.  To us, it has always factored into things like:

    • Where we placed our headquarters: in the very center of North America, in the most competitive air travel city in the nation.

    • Where we hold our classes: within fifteen minutes of major airports, to allow you quick in and out; in an affordable luxury suite hotel small enough to make you feel at home, without the distractions of bars, bathing suits, or tourists

    • How we hold our classes: on-site at the hotel, to allow you to access the Scan Lab 24 hours a day, just steps away from your room


    • Our training strategy: using easy-to-relate-to expert faculty, a patient but accountable approach to help you reach success quickly, detailed lifelong course materials, and lifelong post conference mentoring.

The fourth part of the frame is Efficiency.  It's our focus on doing only a limited number of things so we can do them exceptionally well.  It is our continual reinvestment in processes, not just technology.  It is our research, not just into science and clinical medicine, but research into words, analogies, gestures, humor, and other minutiae; details that others either overlook or don't commit to in the art of teaching. 

Core Purpose

If Core Values is the rudder of the ship, Purpose is its map.  We have one mission: to change the face of healthcare by creating the finest in professional training.  This involves making decisions facing opportunity from two perspectives: choosing what to do and what not to do.  Over the span of forty years of practice and teaching, we’ve seen opportunities for our services come and go.  We've chosen to decline more than we've accepted.  It has allowed us to focus on you. 

Each faculty member is clinically active but remains independent of practice bias or institutional allegiance.  We recognize, respect, and value our industry colleagues, and we work closely with them to advance your learning goals, but we've always kept our dealings free from funding, grants, or other concessions.

We've maintained our singular focus on Old School style because our mission is best served by live interactive teaching.   For this reason, we don't produce volumes of videos, products, or web-based training.  It's simply not as effective as looking you in the eye and answering your questions as we work together.

Over thirty years ago we declined the opportunity to establish one of the first formal ultrasound schools in the country, and we're not interested in competing with or shortcutting the process they now serve.  We're here for another purpose: to deepen your insight and broaden your horizon, regardless of wherever you are right now.

Visionary Gaols

Putting a unique spin on something as dry and sterile as medical science is impossible, but we've done it.  You get a sense of it in the first fifteen minutes of a class--something here is different.  Of course, different can be uncomfortable; different can be silly.  This difference is neither: It is relaxed, respectful, and quietly exciting.  It is refined without being stuffy, relaxed without being sloppy.   It is full of the essence that raises the bar and makes us all better.

Years ago, Keith Mauney benchmarked the finest service companies in the world and has undertaken a lifelong mission to uncover, create, and share the best practices possible for us to deliver a unique, consistent and exemplary learning experience that will last you a lifetime.

Our vision is unchanged, but it's always in a state of becoming, always subject to scrutiny, feedback, and inspiration.   It's taken us from the often-mundane field of medical education to an entirely new level, never before seen.  It has brought a worldwide audience of healthcare’s finest professionals to our classroom.   


We hope and trust it will soon bring us together with You.


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