Who’s going to teach my class: Per diem people or persons who actually work for your institution?

Our institute’s title might suggest we’re a franchise, or promoter-type organization, bringing in various luminaries for different shows. 

We are neither.

We’re a group of career professionals, each one.   We’ve worked together for from five to forty years in our Mission.  

Each one of us is clinically active in our field and is deeply experienced in communicating with and leading groups into new areas of learning.  

Keith Mauney personally teaches part or all of every course and is responsible for every facet of your experience.  There is a core of five of us, responsible for most of our teaching experiences, surrounded by another group of ten, surrounded by an advisory group of twenty.  A resource network of over twenty-five thousand professionals who have shared our experience, worldwide, surrounds these three “rings”.

You tap into all of that support when you walk through our doors. 

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