What’s the difference between you and a 2-year or 4-year ultrasound training school program?


The difference between us and accredited ultrasound programs lies in our focus and our use of your time.  

We focus on expanding your existing clinical knowledge and skills; we meet you where you are in your career and move you forward at uncommon speed… and we never step away once you’ve gone.  Think of us as a post-graduate experience for healthcare professionals.

Formal ultrasound schools are an industry that exists to take a high-school graduate or adult without college training to a point ready to apply for credentialing and bedside service in ultrasonography.  It is education from the level-ground up and it’s the best pathway for persons new to healthcare.  

The first year of a two-year program usually focuses on your general education in language arts, biology, math, and science; the second on clinical science, ultrasound physics, scan technique, and clinical rotations where you observe and practice skills taught in class. 

A four-year program deepens the experience in three ways: 1) your general education is spread longer, 2) more time is spent building your understanding of clinical biology and pathophysiology, and 3) you acquire more hours in the same sort of clinical rotations as a two-year program. 

Graduates from an accredited 2- or 4-year program can immediately apply for certification through the ARDMS or CCI credentialing exam.

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