What kind of other people will be in class with me; am I going to be the only one with no idea of how to do this?

Hands-on ultrasound training classmates.

You’re going to find your new friends in class are going to be just like you: they’ve come to learn more.  Some will have lots of experience in their areas, some will have less; some may have none.  But everyone will share the same uneasiness about being in a new place and being seen as a learner in front of others. 

But the most important people you’ll find yourself in class with will be our Faculty Team who are passionate about your success and incredibly accomplished at putting you at ease from the first minute.  

And you can be sure of one thing: there won’t be a one in the class who already has it all figured out. 

The less you know at the outset, the better.  It makes our job even more fun, and your learning experience more effective.

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