You call it hands-on ultrasound training: What are you really going to teach me?

You’re going to learn all of the steps of the complete and systematic exam.

You'll learn how to identify all principal structures and relate them to each other, and you’re going to learn how to systematically define normal from suspected abnormal. 

In academic terms, you’re going to learn the nuances of abstract spatial reasoning, conspicuity, and critical matrix analysis.  

But there’s more: You're going to learn how to become an even better clinician, by becoming an even better person. 

This is the magic behind the scenes in our classes.  It is the secret ingredient that sets us apart from every other.  It is the unseen element that you just have to be there to see, experience, and become a part of. All combined, they're the things that will get you hired, get you recognized, advance your career, and help fulfill your destiny in this field.

And we're never going to leave you. 

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