How much hands-on ultrasound training time am I going to get?

This is the most important question for you to get answered, so be sure to ask it when you inquire of any training resource before you make your investment.

We believe this is the most important part of your learning because ultrasound is so hand-eye dependent.  Our hands-on strategy has been refined over forty years of experimentation, and we think we have the best approach of any course, regardless of term.  Hands-on practice is available at least 16 of every 24 hours you’re with us because after the scheduled class is over, our on-site Scan Lab is open for you to practice independently on yourself or in-class peers any time. 

Our hands-on strategy is broken into three parts: 

The first involves breaking down the protocol step-by-step, showing how to locate and identify structures, optimize images, and differentiate normal from questionable or obvious abnormality.

The second phase involves actual hands-on practice on normal subjects to experience and overcome real-world challenges.  We do this face to face, hands-to-hand in a very small group under the supportive guidance of our expert Faculty.  We know how stressful it is and we’re infinitely patient along the way.

The third plane of learning is optional while you’re with us and is strongly encouraged.  It incorporates your after-hours practice, peer-to-peer, without the pressure or presence of an instructor.  Exploration on your own reinforces the day’s work, challenges you, and actually helps build your confidence without pressure to perform, as you’ll surely feel once you return home. 

We follow this plan each day and tailor our approach to you as a person to make sure you develop competence.  Genuine confidence can’t be short-cut; it takes years of practice and accountability.  We often host ultrasound school graduates who come to validate and expand what they’ve already been taught.  



This is our unique advantage to you: Our ability to connect…connect the facts to your hands and mind, the self-awareness you can do this, the encouragement and leading to do so, and the surety of the fact that we’ll never leave you after you return home.

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