How many clinical hours will I need to obtain afterward to qualify for the Credentialing Exam?

Prerequisites for the credentialing exams are always subject to change.   contact the agency for current criteria.

Presently, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, available only to Registered Radiologic Technologists,  is the least stringent option, presently requiring as few as 42 documented procedures (for those who are otherwise qualified). 

The ARDMS is open to both ultrasound school graduates and other clinicians who already have formal healthcare degrees.  If you've just completed your accredited ultrasound school program you can apply immediately.  Others must verify their work in a paid position for at least 800 hours and have a Clinical Verification Affidavit completed by an ARDMS-credentialed member.  This sponsor must be ARDMS-registered in the same specialty as the exam for which the applicant applies.

CCI prerequisites are based on time spent in clinical experience; these range from one to two years and have a requisite number of experience-hours, depending on your prior training.  

Each agency has its own application fees, subsequent CME maintenance requirements, and periodic registration dues.  

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