How long is the course?

Each course is from one to five days long, with every hour concentrating years of knowledge and hands-on experience.

Our mission is to reveal the reality underlying the so-called mystery of ultrasound imaging, thus building your bedside competence immediately and launching you far ahead on the path to confidence. And the only way anyone can make short-term training work is to stay with you after the class is over. For this reason, you get all our personal contacts– including our direct cell phone numbers for lifetime support, for free.

Our ultrasound training dramatically shortens your traditional learning experience by carefully binding hands-on practice with thought, over and over, step by step, in a way that treats you with deference and respect.

We constantly, quietly read you: we recognize how you learn, we know how to lead you, when to gently correct errors and we’re expert in the best ways to support, challenge, and grow you. Whether you come with years of experience or very little at all, we’re genuinely excited and eminently prepared to escort you into your future in clinical care.

Don’t want to travel? We can save you substantial time and out of pocket costs by bringing the training to your own site.  This allows all of your Team to learn the same things at once and do it without interrupting your workflow.

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