Are you an accredited ultrasound training school?


No. Accreditation refers to the status that a formal two or four-year school achieves when it demonstrates compliance with approved standards set forth by state or other professional agencies.  Only programs of at least two years duration can apply for this status.

We declined the opportunity to create one of the first accredited ultrasound schools in 1982 and instead focused on a more appropriate pathway for already-practicing medical professionals to properly use medical ultrasound, in all areas of clinical application.

We trace our roots to the beginning of formal ultrasound education and most likely have had a hand in training your accredited school's ultrasound faculty: Over 100,000 professionals have crossed our path in the classroom, deriving from a worldwide audience.

Our academic origins, continuing bedside practice, and ongoing industry/engineering consultation allow us to bring to you a resource that no other institution can match.

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