Am I going to get one-to-one attention, or is it watch-one, practice-one, then go home and do one?


This is the most important question of all and you should get that answer from any of the many ultrasound training programs you consider.

Our focus is to get your hands, eyes, and mind organized to perform the ultrasound exam, identify suspected or obvious pathology and communicate your findings with clarity and authority.

To accomplish these in record time we quietly pay close attention to you at every turn.  We also need and expect you to yield to the process of learning, which includes attention, self-study, and practice.  Over four decades we’ve learned how to create the experience that’s comfortable, motivating, and supportive– the place where you can be stimulated, flourish, gain competence, and begin healthy confidence that will last a lifetime.

Besides the psychology and experience underlying our approach, we’ve created a safe, college campus-style environment, complete with a 24-hour scan laboratory where after-hours practice and peer-to-peer learning makes the most of every hour you’re with us.  Everyone becomes instant friends and after the course adjourns, we still stand with you forever. Our personal post-conference supportprint and online resources will always be at arm’s length, for free. 

You’ll have to return home, but we’ll never leave you.

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