After a few days will  I be able to go back to work and do this?


Learning is a lot more than getting facts; it's about making them your own.

We'll do both, from the start.

It sounds impossible, and there is no guarantee that anyone who graduates any school will be able to perform well immediately.  Everyone learns and masters different skills at different speeds, but one thing is constant among everyone: each person has to begin with the right approach.  

Our mission for you is to set the core hand-eye and critical thinking skills to be able to execute and document a systematic exam, differentiate normal from suspected abnormal states, and communicate suspected abnormalities in a clear authoritative manner. 

To this end, we maximize your time here by making the material come alive at the bedside. Your on-site Hands-On Scan Lab is open after hours for your independent practice on yourself or in-class peers. You'll have comprehensive print and online course materials that you'll refer to for life And further, we never leave you: personal post-conference mentoring support continues as you leave, forever, for free.


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