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Can I get paid for my clinical hours during the period I’m fulfilling my prerequisite? Do clinical volunteer hours count toward my clinical hours?

The ARDMS and CCI credentialing exams require a minimum period of full-time experience (or its equivalent.  The ARDMS requires that these hours are earned as a paid employee. The ARRT and CCI credentialing process requires documentation of hours of clinical experience or prior credentialing in another area plus documentation of

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How many clinical hours will I need to obtain afterward to qualify for the Credentialing Exam?

Prerequisites for the credentialing exams are always subject to change.   contact the agency for current criteria. Presently, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, available only to Registered Radiologic Technologists,  is the least stringent option, presently requiring as few as 42 documented procedures (for those who are otherwise qualified).  The ARDMS is

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Are you CAHEA accredited?

This doesn’t apply to our institution The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education (CAHEA) accredits only formal ultrasound programs of at least one year in length though Associates’ and Bachelor’s degreed schools are two and four-years, respectively.  Such programs build in “hands-on” experience over this time through clinical observation/performance

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Are you an accredited ultrasound training school?

  No. Accreditation refers to the status that a formal two or four-year school achieves when it demonstrates compliance with approved standards set forth by state or other professional agencies.  Only programs of at least two years duration can apply for this status. We declined the opportunity to create one

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