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Is it tax-deductible?

Course tuition and associated travel, lodging, and meal expenses are tax-deductible if the primary purpose of your trip is to maintain or improve professional skills.*   While you should always consult your tax advisor regarding your personal situation, our courses are designed to comply fully with current tax laws. Yet

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If I can’t make it to class, will I lose my tuition?

Our commitment to strictly limited class size compels us to enact a proper administrative policy, as do other national organizations.  Please review all the details of it here.   In brief, we do apply an administrative charge in the event you cancel and either refund the balance, less the admin fee, for

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How far in advance do I need to register?

Advance registration is required; we can’t admit applicants at the door.  Because of the tight restriction on class size, we can only confirm your seat in class after we review your application and receive your tuition.  There is no deadline and we often receive applications right up to the day

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What’s the difference between you and others?

We’re not different just because we taught many of the others you’re learning from today… We’re different because we’re willing to pay the money, time, and attention to the details that others don’t. The single biggest difference is likely that we have Keith Mauney.  His unique experiences in the science,

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Can I get paid for my clinical hours during the period I’m fulfilling my prerequisite? Do clinical volunteer hours count toward my clinical hours?

The ARDMS and CCI credentialing exams require a minimum period of full-time experience (or its equivalent.  The ARDMS requires that these hours are earned as a paid employee. The ARRT and CCI credentialing process requires documentation of hours of clinical experience or prior credentialing in another area plus documentation of

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How many clinical hours will I need to obtain afterward to qualify for the Credentialing Exam?

Prerequisites for the credentialing exams are always subject to change.   contact the agency for current criteria. Presently, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, available only to Registered Radiologic Technologists,  is the least stringent option, presently requiring as few as 42 documented procedures (for those who are otherwise qualified).  The ARDMS is

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How much hands-on ultrasound training time am I going to get?

This is the most important question for you to get answered, so be sure to ask it when you inquire of any training resource before you make your investment. We believe this is the most important part of your learning because ultrasound is so hand-eye dependent.  Our hands-on strategy has

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