The POC Emergency Ultrasound Course for Physician Assistants

The POC Emergency Ultrasound Course for Physician Assistants


You know that technology changes … and that certain Truths don’t.



As sophisticated as the practice of your profession is, you’re going to have to differentiate your skills even further.  You need our hands-on POC ultrasound training classes now more than ever.

We don’t think Physician Assistants need to know all about how to practice sonography.   But ultrasound is a vital extension of your skills, and your future will flourish with its use.  Make yourself more valuable, to your patient and your Team and save you all a lot of time.  Our fast track hands-on ultrasound courses won’t waste a minute of your day.  And our 24-hour scan lab guarantees your evenings with us will be productive, too.

Though ultrasound involves a fundamental paradigm shift for your practice, the process to learn and use it is a straightforward as anything else.  The good news is that you just need a new exam protocol and a new way of seeing.  We can help you fast-track both.

You’ll use this powerful tool to answer clinical questions better, on the spot.  No exotic calculations, not endless data gathering to issue a term-paper-like report.  And now that the U.S. has arrived at reimbursement for the POC Echocardiogram, you’ll be generating revenue AND saving time.

We offer public courses in Dallas and on-site tutorials in all applications to help take you to your proper Next Step.




Precise, Protocol-Diven, and Authentic: Much more than just the facts and skills you need….



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