The POC Emergency Ultrasound Course for Paramedics

The POC Emergency Ultrasound Course for Paramedics


Your decisions will save a life:  Learn to get the best information in your hands, fast.


As sophisticated as the paramedic practice is, becoming, you’re going to have to differentiate your skills even further.  You need our hands-on ultrasound training classes now more than ever.

You treat what you see.  Think of what you could do if you could see more, and see it more clearly: like the difference between a hard abdomen  and a ruptured spleen, or lumbar muscle spasm versus aortic dissection. The same advance that changed care at the hospital is now standard of care for you: quick and correct decisions based on clear facts, not just physical signs.  Our fast track hands-on ultrasound training will match the speed you’re used to.

You’ve earned a lot of independent authority to treat in the field.  Earn some more:  Be the driving force to put high-level POC diagnostics inside the car on the vehicular pin-in, or in the back bedroom on-scene with the possible MI.  This is a ground-moving paradigm shift.  It starts with the leaders in the field, and leaders never rest; they bend new technology to their will.

Our forty years in the field have come down to this moment: our Founder was one of the first EMT graduates in the country and has spent a lifetime in the universe of ultrasound.  His mission is to help you save precious minutes by getting critical patient data quicker.  Having lived it, he like you can appreciate the opportunity–or the cost–of time saved or lost.   We taught the leaders in your field at their start.  Let us help you help you and your community.  



Precise, Protocol-Diven, and Authentic: Much more than just the facts and skills you need….





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