The POC Emergency Ultrasound Course for Critical Care Nurses

Hands-on POC ultrasound training.

The POC Emergency Ultrasound Course for Critical Care Nurses


You know that technology changes and that some things never do.



Now that Medicare reimbursement for POC Echo has come, you’re going to have to differentiate your skills even further.  You need our hands-on ultrasound training classes now more than ever.  

If you’re looking for your next step, this may well be it.   Ultrasound is now an established tool, to help us all make immediate decisions at critical points in patient care whether it’ on arrival in the ER or the Floor.  You need to seriously look at making use of it.  Make yourself more valuable; come up to the next level.   You already know everything you’d learn in ultrasound school except for the technical aspects of the exam.   Our fast track hands-on POC ultrasound training will get you the rest of it.

Our forty years of ultrasound practice and over thirty of teaching bring to you an incredibly effective fast-track learning experience.  We compress a decade’s worth of knowledge into a day of learning.  You won’t master it in a week, but it won’t require two years of school, either.  You don’t have to earn your credential as a certified sonographer; you’re already licensed to provide care at a level no other allied health professional can.  You need to have the capacity to answer questions at the bedside, STAT.

Your maturity speaks to your job stability: it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be distracted to leave.  To the employer, that speaks for itself.  If you see the future as we do, consider leveraging yours right now.



Precise, Protocol-Diven, and Authentic: Much more than just the facts and skills you need….





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