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Your Individualized Hands-On

Breast Ultrasound Training Experience

This hands-on ultrasound training experience is concise, comprehensive, and authoritative:

You’ll learn not only the breast ultrasound imaging protocol but the seven elements underlying it.  

You’ll also learn a seldom-used tactile technique to increase your detection sensitivity by nearly 15%.  


Just a single day together will change your trajectory forever.  

Before we begin a nearly full day of guided hands-on practice, we’ll frame up the goals and basis behind each.  We’ll prepare for both the quadrant and radial scanning approaches and learn the essential controls to ensure maximum detection sensitivity with imaging and all types of Doppler.  From there we’ll focus you on how to apply these to the systematic documentation (and communication) process.  You’ll intuitively separate normal from suspected abnormal states and apply every powerful tool ultrasound can offer in the tissue assessment.   The experience is a carefully orchestrated symphony of the How and the Why, so your contribution to Care is immediate and can deepen over time and practice.

Over forty years of experience and wisdom in sonography, engineering, and teaching stand with you: both in Class and perpetuity.

Who Will Benefit

This hands-on breast ultrasound training Class gives professionals from all specialties the tools to broaden and deepen their talents and open doors to lifelong opportunities.  These include Radiology and Mammography  Technologists, General Sonographers, Traditional and Advanced-Practice Nurses, and PAs.  
This class will not confer the requisite 12 months of clinical experience required to apply for credentialing,  but it will give you a particular edge at the start, when your potential Director says, “Now let me see you scan….
[Sonography Credentialing]

Very few areas of women’s’ care and the technology that supports it focuses as many elements on soft tissue analysis as breast ultrasound. As a research scientist, you’ll be able to measure precisely over time virtually every factor of soft tissue composition. If you’re a device manufacturer or marketing/sales professional, you’ll be best able to synergize your team’s capacity to build, sell, and support women’s care sonography.

No one in the field of medicine today has the depth and breadth of experience with ultrasound training for or within the Medical Device Industry as us. Over many years we’ve worked closely with nearly all ultrasound device manufacturers to steer and refine their products for clinical focus.

Though not yet a part of the formal role of Women’s OB/Gyn care, breast triage by ultrasound is becoming more accessible as pocket ultrasound technology rises as its price drops. Whether your in a Western Medicine setting with fee-for-services or a rural/field setting where reimbursement is irrelevant, these skills will save lives. You’ll be able to triage immediately, document articulately, and surveil accurately to make the right recommendations to your patient at the right time. And if you got experience with ultrasound in your Residency, this will concrete and build upon it for life.

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Are You New to Health Care?

Our hands-on ultrasound training focus is to take the practicing clinician and escort her or him to vastly greater hands-on ultrasound protocol and analysis skills in record time.
If you’re entering healthcare for the first time, you should consider your long-term goals and opportunities. 
In North America, you can apply to any of hundreds of accredited schools (18+ months duration) and upon graduation immediately undertake your formal credentialing exam.
You’ll find the US Government’s most authoritative and current overview of the ultrasound career field here.

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