Hands-On Transvaginal Pelvic Ultrasound Imaging and Doppler

Comprehensive live hands-on ultrasound protocols and techniques to master transvaginal pelvic ultrasound scanning.

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You’ll Quickly Learn How to Define Pelvic Ultrasound Anatomy Competently

Hands-on intensive transvaginal pelvic ultrasound training with lectures and one-on-one discussion to build the complete ultrasound protocol to acquire and analyze all images.  We take a careful systematic approach that locates you precisely in the ovarian bed every time.  

You’ll learn the complete systematic ultrasound protocol for assessment of the uterus and adnexa, the Pouch of Douglas, bladder, and pelvic floor.  Includes application and standardization of color, spectral, and power Doppler.

Our post-conference support is free in perpetuity.

Due to its limited enrollment, this course is open only to attendees in our Hands-On Obstetric/Pelvic course except by prior arrangement with our administrative office.

Who Will Benefit
Who Will Benefit

Allied Health Professionals

There are no prerequisites for this class.  If you’ll be returning to an active clinical site you’ll arrive back with a giant leap forward.  That mandatory year of clinical experience you’ll need will be spent on the clock at your work and not in a schoolroom.  You’ll apply a very systematic hands-on approach never taught this way before.

Nurse Practitioners, PA’s, Nurses and Midwives

You’ll learn the systematic and confident approach to the complete pelvic scan.  Our unique fast track approach quickly builds the hand-eye coordination and visual identification strategies to allow you to begin your own ultrasound exams with the same skills sonographers have learned over hundreds of studies.

Sonography Students

Students or graduates who trained in other areas of ultrasound will find far more employment opportunities as patient management moves toward a whole-body approach.  Your resume will look much more attractive with your education in pelvic imaging skills on it.

Primary Care Physicians

Ultrasound training in your residency lacked the critical, precise methodology for ultrasound scanning and modern system optimization.  The fast track skills you’ll learn in this class will immediately empower you to scan independently, oversee your sonographer’s work and better understand every scan every time.

Commercial Applications and Medical Device Professionals

This experience will permit you to refresh and regain lost skills in a collegiate setting that allows you the time to get authoritative answers to every question, particularly those relating to how your product can best be showcased.


The class is strictly small so we can spend time on the topics we need to cover and all the ones you want to discuss.

  • The unique spatial orientation to transvaginal imaging: how to navigate without thinking.
  • The geometrically precise method to the systematic protocol: how to identify every structure and rule out every artifact.
  • How to prove the identity of the ovary every time.
  • Optimize color, spectral, and power Doppler to achieve precise results consistently: subjective and quantitative analysis explained.  
  • The future of soft tissue imaging: what shear-wave elastography holds in promise.
  • The sonographic difference between liquid and clotted blood: why the accepted paradigm is completely wrong and what it means for the patient.
  • Translabial pelvic imaging: when, why, and how.
  • Surface pelvic imaging protocol: more than just the reproductive organs.
  • Targeted inspection of the kidney & bladder, and the reasons you should look.


Our approach is totally focused on the patient diagnosis.  We are deeply familiar with virtually every ultrasound machine and the manufacturer’s rationale behind its design, features, and functions.  Even so, no faculty members have any commercial interests or participation that might influence course content.  

There is no formal test in this class.  Learners are evaluated continuously and positive feedback is offered throughout.  Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Complete a systematic survey of the pelvis using TV technology, identifying, measuring, and documenting all reproductive structures and relational structures.
  • Use Doppler ultrasound features to evaluate gross vascularity and microvascular physiology in the evaluation of ovarian, uterine, and mass lesion histology.
  • Identify and differentiate tubal pathology, including ectopic pregnancy.
  • Cite the limits of spatial resolution and input dynamic range accorded by the higher frequency transvaginal probe transducer; compare it to surface pelvic imaging.
  • Apply proper septic technique and appropriate patient communication in all aspects of the patient encounter.


$900.  One Day (Friday), 9 am-4 pm.  Your tuition includes your complete learning experience, printed course materials and post-conference support in perpetuity.  Breakfast and light lunch provided.


We designate this course a non-CME credit activity, meaning that the curriculum is not defined by the constraints of a fixed format.  This is to your strategic advantage.  Though the content meets and exceeds every academic guideline, we have over many years determined that flexibility in tailoring specific elements—and the delivery to each individual learner’s need and style—supersedes the restraints of a traditionally rigid, time-limited format.  It also permits us to openly, honestly, and independently without bias discuss virtually every manufacturer’s system features.  Too, the broad ranges of clinical professional specialist organizations have developed multiple exclusive brands of applicable CME.  We have chosen instead to focus on your lifelong bedside competence and strategic advantage. This decision has permitted us to make our classes microscopically small at the least tuition cost possible.  We will be delighted to direct you to the most appropriate free and low-cost traditional CME credit activities available online.

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