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“Old-School” still works: It always has… 




As if you didn’t already know, traditional learning is linear.  It is perfectly suited to learners who are completely foreign to the subject at hand:

In the first phase, fundamental language and science skills are established; new vocabulary terms are explained in the process of incremental facts-building.  Facts are connected to other facts and eventually, theories are draped over the skeleton of facts.    At some point, these theories are trained into the mind through repetitive and generalized practice in a laboratory setting.   Finally, knowledge is measured by abstract tests, matched as closely as possible to both the didactic and subjective elements of professional skill.   The learner is scored against the educator’s expectations and paradigm, and a degree (or stage) of learning is then conferred. 

It takes two to eight years to complete. 

For professionals who have already accomplished these core skills in a related area, you may be ready for accelerated learning.  We’ve perfected it in trials before over forty thousand professionals for the last four decades.


Our Accelerated Learning Strategy

In the days of the Internet, iPhones and now iPad ultrasound machines, is there still room for face-to-face learning with a blackboard and a stick of chalk?   Of course, there is.  It’s the most effective way of learning ever invented.  We call it Old-School… with a more modern spin.

Old School goes back thousands of years and has been tested by hundreds of billions of people.  It’s still as alive and effective as ever.  The thing that makes learning work is people: interacting, sharing, stimulating and motivating as only people can do.  This is what we do.  At the core of our learning strategy is our microscopic focus on outcomes.  Each Program is structured behind the scenes to deliver on the core critical didactic and hands-on skills requisite to the national curriculum and professional performance standards. 

Our delivery process is in parallel, not linear:  At least half of every day of our Hands-On Courses is spent alternately in the classroom and the Hands-On Scan Lab.  Classroom discussion is exactly that: an interactive leading through the information, not a broadcast by a traditional lecturer with traditional charts and graphs.  Hands-On learning takes place in a similarly collaborative way: each day’s objectives are laid out and an expert instructor guides learners through the protocols step-by-step, with feedback from everyone along the way.  

Then in the afternoon, evening and early morning, the Scan Lab remains open for learners to practice independently at their own pace, discuss things freely, and build confidence while among friends with similar goals.  The environment is completely structured, but to the learner, it’s relaxed and supportive.

We foster–not force accountability.  We master– not memorize protocols.   We crystallize and concrete facts– not forget them.  Even after we finally adjourn class at the end, our post-conference mentoring continues.  We provide free distance support that never ends.  Every attendee has our Program Director’s direct cell number as well as our Office.

So, in the days of mandatory certification and even doctoral degrees in ultrasound, is there a place for our old-school view of learning?   The answer– like the act of learning– is up to you.   We know that professional development takes a lifetime; even a four-year degree isn’t nearly enough.  But at every stage of life, new learning has to take a stand and mark its start. 

Our approach will give you the granite foundation on which you’ll grow for a lifetime.


Take this small step… and make a big difference.  It starts here and now…



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