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Topics from true stories, like:

      • 2-10-2

      • The Four Words That Cost over $3 Million to Learn

      • The Orlando Yellow Pages

      • I Can’t Get Them to Learn What I’m Trying to Teach Them

      • The answer is Yes
      • What’s That Little ‘2’ Mean?
      • I’m Not a Nurse Today

      • Sardine Sandwiches

      • The Talking Machine

      • If I Hadn’t Started Painting, I’d Have Raised Chickens

      • “OK… So, what’s that?”
      • The Chairman of the Board
      • It’s still about half-and-half
      • I need to find a fifty-cent candy bar
      • She missed it….  So, which one do they see?
      • I’ve just gotta walk him
      • Whatever you do, stop looking at it
      • They’ve built an IQ machine

      • The deadliest disease in history is still alive today

      • I didn’t even know what the word meant
      • I will….
      • Two hours late
      • Was it related to patient care?
      • The greatest failures in modern times 
      • No matter what I try I can’t get it all out
      • Twelve dozen doughnuts, a stretcher and a sheet
      • Every tree limb has a number
      • There’s absolutely nothing out there
      • Come on down and let me fix you something to eat
      • He’s spending all my money underground
      • I don’t see it (on Friday morning) 

                                                          And more.
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