Hi there, my Friend;  I’ve got someone for you, to file in the back of your mind….


It’s not at all about me, but I’ve never in my life gone to this extreme step.  There is a person I want to cross your path at least once, so he will know that he’s talked to you at least once.

I’ve come across—perhaps for your benefit—a remarkable man whose genetics and countenance form what surely will be a supernova in the field of sales.  I see him as a contemporary Paul Bunyan: He’s not the sort that will pick the low fruit or shake the tree and see what falls, he will stand there and chop away at it, fell it and bring them all to the closing table. 

I’ve closely observed and visited with him on many occasions, now, to make sure of my surety of his success in the medical device sales field.  Though he has no linear medical experience, he has a core of granite, handles obstinance and rejection like a Diplomat, and is indefatigable in any task assigned.  He’s 26 (but carries himself with an additional decade of poise), is single, relocatable, and delightfully Old-School in demeanor, etiquette, and service. 

I selfishly pride myself in my ability to spot talent and this One stands on the front row of the last 50,000 I’ve met. 

You know exactly what it feels like to bring in, refine, grow, and then turn-loose-on-the world budding top professionals.  If you, like me, want to pad your Legacy, please let me introduce you to him in a conference call.  I’ll make certain it doesn’t last a second past three minutes.

You are busy.  But I know that in that one moment, the two of you crossing will echo into the future for a very long time, regardless of the outcome. 

Thanks; I love you, man….  And The Caring Course will never launch without You.

 Give me a range of times to call whatever number you want.  Text me at my cell: (214) 325-3161.



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