Welcome: Here’s what to expect long before you arrive…


Who is this hands-on ultrasound training for?

Anyone who wants to learn can learn.  How effective we can be for you depends a lot of course, on you.  And if you’re reading this right now, we doubt that’s going to be a problem.

We’ve built a system that builds on your existing clinical experience.  We’re the team that can really advance your career in record time. Your present depth of knowledge of ultrasound isn’t important; it takes a backseat to the fact that you’re willing to learn. 

If you’re not already working in health care in a patient-care role, let us help direct you to the proper path, a longer-term formal ultrasound school.  We’ll still be ready for you on the far side after you graduate.  We often welcome post-grad students who want to expand into the Track they didn’t enroll in at the time.  

There aren’t strict prerequisites and if you have any questions about anything, we invite you to ask.  We’re all about answering your questions, so ask every time one comes up:  We’ll delight in answering every one.


How do I decide which class to take?

Each course has its full details but you’ll have your own questions.  Call or email us, as often as you like: answers are our Mission.  And ask around in your community.  With 100,000 persons having passed before us, you’ll likely find someone nearby with an opinion.


How do I register for a specific class?

The easiest way to call: Click on the phone icon at the bottom right of the screen or dial (+1) (972) 353-3200 or (800) 845-3484 (NA and Caribbean).  There’s also a registration button wherever you see a course page.  There’s no deadline, though we can’t accept registrations on-site when the class starts.

You can apply without providing tuition payment, but we can only confirm your space in class once we’ve received your tuition.  All credit card billing is done by our staff–not by computer–and we process it only if we have space available.  You can also make your discounted lodging reservations immediately online through this link.  Our host hotel tends to fill to capacity far in advance, so be certain to make a refundable reservation early-on if you’re making advance plans.


You’ve never been in a setting as comfortable, supportive, or stimulating.  We’ve crafted a very carefully controlled, but free-form experience to give you the freedom to learn, build confidence, and get inspired to carry forward to your highest capability.  Though it’ll start out like most usual adult learning, you’ll quickly feel like you’re part of a close community.  We all treat you with the deference and respect you deserve;

    • You’ll never be put on the spot or made to feel uncomfortable.  And there are no exams: we monitor your progress together, face-to-face every step of the way.  
    • It’ll be microscopically small and authentically informal: no more than six learners.  
    • We’ll invest nearly 3/4 of your time in interactive hands-on sessions and the on-site Scan Lab remains open after hours for your independent practice on yourself or with your in-class peers.  
    • Our focus is on your building and understanding the why behind the protocols, and we’re deeply qualified, fully preepared, and genuinely excited to escort you into your future. 

We’ve found over decades of experimentation that this happens faster and deeper by learning on normal subjects first,  then presenting and discussing disease through guided discussion.  We use normal subjects of typical body habitus as a model.  

Keith Mauney will anchor your learning experience.  You’ll find no more qualified person to take you into your next level of skill.  And you’ll begin a lifelong relationship for mentoring support with him after class is done: you’ll have his personal cell phone to text any questions, forever for free.


Do I have to stay at the Hotel where the class is?

Of course not, but you’ll be glad you did.  Some Guests have family in the area or they stay at other hotels and commute.  But we’ve chosen the Las Colinas Hilton Homewood Suites for a reason: safety, an amazing level of courtesy, and the most efficient way for you to learn.  The classroom and Scan Lab are all within steps of your suite, so you can scan every waking hour you’re here.  The Hotel provides complimentary breakfast daily and even dinner/beverages Monday-Thursday.  Las Colinas community restaurants and entertainment are within walking distance and Dallas/Fort Worth’s world-class shopping is all nearby. 



How to get there?

You’ll be 20 minutes away from either Dallas-Fort Worth or Dallas Love Field airports.  Taxi service is about $35 one-way; Super Shuttle and Uber service is about half.  


What do I do on the morning of the first day?

Dress casually any way you like.  We’ll informally welcome you in the Lobby Classroom at 9 am; no need to be there early.  Enjoy a hot breakfast just steps away and even bring food and beverage into the classroom.  If you’re ever running late, it’s not a problem at all: we’ll catch you up.  We’ll adjourn each day by 4 pm but remember: the Scan Lab is open around the clock.



Got a Question?

Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will contact you. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.