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Precise, Protocol-Driven, and Amazingly Supportive.

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An immersive ultrasound training


Welcome to the number one ultrasound training for physicians, nurses, hospitalists, paramedics, and allied health professionals. We’re here to meet you wherever you are in your clinical career. We’re going to escort you hand-in-hand through a precise, protocol-driven experience. We’ll uncover the secrets behind every technical and clinical finding, sharing directed discussion as we build your skills from your wrist down and the eyes up.

This is not a sonography crash course or a show-and-tell session. We compress your ultrasound training experience by eliminating the usual methods and reduce about three years of experience to each day of learning. Every fact stays with you on paper in your own course materials and post-class support is yours forever—for free. We’re likely the only professors who will ever start class by giving you our personal cell phone numbers.

You’re going to have more hands-on access than anywhere: both in our live Scanning Lab during class, but independent scan time after hours on site around the clock. Because you don’t learn ultrasound sitting on your hands.


Your Future has never looked so good.


Ultrasound Training

Employers, We’ll build on top of your employees’ knowledge by reaffirming it, then expanding it. We’ll guide them into a core-skills-set, congruent with standard protocols so they’ll return ready to fit into your own. We’ll build their confidence and correct their mistakes.

Our course content is congruent with all national standards. Our class experience exceeds it. We’ll return them to you ready to grow into the production you need. We can’t implant in them the years of experience it takes to become expert, but we will shortcut months of learning to become independent, confident, and authoritative quickly.

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On-Premises Ultrasound Training Classes

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Meet your Sonography Instructors

With nearly forty years behind us, we’ve assembled the finest Team of ultrasound instructors: to not just teach the content, but to create a lasting educational experience built to each student’s needs.

Keith Mauney is the Founder and Program Director; he is your Lead Instructor, and you’ll find in him an encyclopedic resource and instant friend forever.

Tara Cambell-Mauney is President/CFO, and the Director of Cardiovascular Diagnostics. She brings an amazingly straightforward approach to teaching: precise, practical, and protocol-driven.

Marlicia “Marley” Vargas is our Vascular, Abdominal, OB/GYN and Women’s Care Specialist. She is one of the most supportive leaders you’ll ever encounter in your course of mastery.

Stanley Williams is our Adult and Neonatal Imaging Specialist. Stan and Keith’s ongoing collaboration dates to the 1970’s as first-generation clinicians pioneering ultrasound.

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