Why Health Care Administrators Should Focus on Ultrasound Competency

Administrators: Re-Target Your Ultrasound Training Strategy

Improve Your Efficiencies & Outcomes

Our hands-on intensive ultrasound training courses put the probe and the protocols in their hand at the start.  And our forty years of teaching and fifty of practice have taught us how to connect. Leverage your Team even more and retain them longer: Build on what they already know how to do.

Class is microscopic, hands-on hours comprise the majority of the time, and lectures are held at the bedside, face to face.  Our on-site Scan Lab is accessible after class hours for their independent practice, on themselves or with class peers.  And our personal support stands beside them forever for free.

But perhaps sending them off to a training class isn’t an option: Let us come to you.  Whatever we teach in our micro-class can be done at your site: any content, anyone, on any schedule that suits.  We can tie sonographer training into physician awareness and interpretation, all while you maintain the rhythm of your workplace.  

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