Hands-on ultrasound training for medical field service engineers.

For Medical Device Engineers | The Essential Elements of Hands-On Ultrasound QA for Your Entire Team

You can repair anything; you just need to know what needs to be fixed. The question is, is it the machine or the operator?  Let us share with you a unique perspective we've honed before over 100,000 medical colleagues.  We entered the field in 1975, created the first hands-on training courses for it in 1981, and we're ready to escort you all to your next level of competence and reduce call-backs.  Weekend micro-classes monthly in Dallas, Texas and private tutorial training at your site. 

This brings our design engineers, our applications team, and the field service team all together on the same page: that is, inside the user's mind. Every minute has been priceless for our big picture.

-Steve O., GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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