Hands-on OB ultrasound training for nurse midwives.

For Endocrinologists | Hands-On  Ultrasound Training for Your Entire Team

Hand-held ultrasound lies in your future and our hands-on fast-track training classes will launch and deepen your competence with it.  We entered the field in 1975, created the first hands-on training course for it in 1981, and we're ready to escort you all to your next level of competence.  Classes in all clinical areas that will set your trajectory upward forever.  2-5 day micro-classes ongoing, on-site training any time.

In medical school my senior resident showed me the machine and said "Go play with it and we'll start using it in Clinic next week."  This has completely reset my thinking in all the right ways.

-Catherine P., M.D, Boston, Massachusetts