For ICU Nurses | Your POCUS-FAST Protocol Competence is a Life Saver at 3am

Comprehensive hands-on ultrasound protocols and techniques for ultrasound assessment of the lungs and heart.


The ER or the Floor stabilized them on the way in, but now they’re yours, and with 12-hour shifts no one is going to spend more time with them than you.

Leverage your expert assessment skills three steps further: ID acute structural cardiac change, pulmonary capillary pressure, and lung consolidation.  Then, when you call the Unit Resident or Attending at 3am you’ll be speaking up right on time and with pure authority.

The idea of rolling a complex cart into the room is now over and built-in artificial-intelligence is accurately backing up your technical impressions.  This is no longer the era you grew up in while in school: Your skills are about to get a lot sharper and your respected contribution a lot deeper.

Ultrasound is a means to an end and these three skills are no secret, no matter what you’ve heard.  Leverage your clinical brilliance with your hands.  You’ll quickly learn the three protocols and understand the why behind the findings.  And our free post-class-support will continue with you for life.

A weekend with us in Dallas, Texas will set your trajectory upward forever.
Group training at your own site any time.

I knew in the first thirty minutes that it has been worth my flying seventeen hours to be here.

-M. Handon, M.D., Qatar City, Qatar


The time invested here is going to save me tons of it when I get back to work.  You have a great way of breaking the arcane down to really useful clinical skills.

-Marcus A., P.A., Minnesota City, Minnesota

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