For ER Providers | POCUS Ultrasound Has to be Implemented Right

ER and POCUS hands-on ultrasound training tutorial.


In the first 60 seconds  you’ve set your next steps.  Ultrasound (including POCUS) isn’t going to save you much of that time; not in Your hands.  But if you can ID the allied health colleague that can leverage your time between patients– and we train them in the protocols, criteria, and communication skills they need– your shift becomes easier without compromise in ways you can appreciate, at once and forever.

We’re talking about a lot more effective competence than what can be earned looking over a peer’s shoulder, watching an online video, or sitting on your hands in a classroom.

We literally invented the POCUS concept in the Parkland Hospital ER in Dallas, Texas in 1988 and have shepherded it ever since.   Find your staff colleagues you can trust and send them to us for a weekend, or invite us on-site for a custom-tailored deep dive.  Either way, we’re uniquely qualified to help you, the admin team, and the other competitive departments integrate it all to the benefit of care, time saved, and harmony.

The time invested here is going to save me tons of it when I get back to work.  You have a great way of breaking the arcane down to really useful clinical skills.

-Marcus A., P.A., Minnesota City, Minnesota


Never met anyone with more practical knowledge in the field. Thank you. 

-Edward. K., M.D., London, England

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