For Endocrinology Providers | POCUS Hands-On Training

POCUS Ultrasound has its place in your practice, but not necessarily in your own hand.  Make it part of your practice, but delegate the triage exam to a subordinate colleague to make it part of every new patient encounter.   You already know what to do next.

It’s practically limited to the thyroid, but there’s plenty of indication, sensitivity and specificity in triage for all things sub-palpable in the throat and under the jaw.  Autopsy findings of thyroid nodules is estimated at 50-60%, palpable nodules at 4-7%, and image-detected masses at 10x more often, usually benign.

The cost of ultrasound equipment is today a tenth of where you refer patients to now and POCUS reimbursement pays its own way, elevating both your and your patients’ experience.

Our comprehensive, practical-focused hands-on training includes all the requisite physics/instrumentation/protocol and communication skills your team and you require: in as little as a weekend with us in our Dallas micro-classes or at your site.  We’ve been teaching it in preparation for you for over forty years.  Learn more.

The time invested here is going to save me tons of it when I get back to work.  You have a great way of breaking the arcane down to really useful clinical skills.

-Marcus A., P.A., Minnesota City, Minnesota


Never met anyone with more practical knowledge in the field. Thank you. 

-Edward. K., M.D., London, England

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