For Coronary Care Nurses | Your New Stethoscope Has Changed Everything

Comprehensive hands-on ultrasound protocols and techniques to master ultrasound scanning for cardiac Sonographers and echocardiographer.


Every one of us in CCU now has a new Stethoscope: Hand-Held Ultrasound… and acute MR, elevating PAP, thrombus, and aortic root dissection has a new Enemy.

The best news is that this pocket technology is less obscure than the nuances of heart sounds, is far more objective, and is frankly very straightforward and fun to master.

From 1975, out of one of the first Heart Units in the world, we’ve been working relentlessly to marry everything you know about the heart with everything you’re going to want to master to monitor it with ultrasound– in record time.  And what a new joy (and opportunity) it will bring to your career in Service.

Master it from us, who have already trained your Instructors’ instructors over many decades.  Join us in our hands-on micro-classes or bring us on-site to your Team for a frankly remarkable experience and launch to your Next Level.

The time invested here is going to save me tons of it when I get back to work.  You have a great way of breaking the arcane down to really useful clinical skills.

-Marcus A., P.A., Minnesota City, Minnesota

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