For Cardiologists | Hands-On Cardiovascular Training for Your Entire Team

Time-Saving Staff Training that Turns All Around YOU....

Comprehensive hands-on ultrasound protocols and techniques to master ultrasound scanning for cardiac Sonographers and echocardiographer.


The only thing you need from us is the leverage of your time, time leveraged through your Team who understands– and genuinely anticipates– what you need to see, how much you need to see, and how you need it packaged up for you.

Since 1975 we’ve been about building your people to precisely that end.  It doesn’t happen by looking at a YouTube screen, listening in a lecture room, or by sitting on one’s hands.  No one can shorten the linear experience curve required to apply for Credentialing, but we are frankly remarkable in launching your candidates’ competence in amazingly record time: less than a week.

In our micro-classes in Dallas or at your own site.

I knew in the first thirty minutes that it has been worth my flying seventeen hours to be here.

-M. Handon, M.D., Qatar City, Qatar

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